The "Queen" of Italian Olives, extracted at a temperature of 23 degrees celsius for optimum flavor and nutritional value.


Coratina Olives

Coratina is a prominent olive varietal in the region of Puglia, Italy.  It is extremely high in antioxidants, which have proven health benefits and extend the oil's shelf life. We ensure quality by controlling and overseeing each and every step of the process. We choose the fruit, determine the optimal time to harvest, limit time between harvesting and milling, select mills with the ideal equipment, and set the highest standards for production and storage.  It packs health benefits and freshness that are truly exceptional, for quality you can sense. 

Health Begins with Olive Selection

The olive's health begins with the tree. The amount of attention given to a grove during the pruning and growing season is fundamental. Healthy trees are pruned to maximize quality and yield. By rigorously testing the oil, we verify that the independent farmer is practicing organic and is using the best methods to keep the fruit healthy. 



Exceptional EVOO Everyday Health

Under the right conditions and care, Coratina's antioxidant content can be exceptional. Our 23° 2014 Harvest tested at a total phenol level of 1191 mg/kg! These polyphenols are responsible for the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative character of the oil. 

Polyphenol Levels

Antioxidant's health benefits appear to be cumulative, making consistent use the most effective way to benefit.  Though the FDA has no recommended DV (Daily Value) for antioxidants, studies as to their benefits are typically based on  2 tablespoons a day intake.

Read the UC Davis Study

Regular, everyday use ensures an EVOO that is both better for your health, and your palate.

Remember, EVOO is a fresh product that is subject to oxidation over time.  Once a bottle is opened, the oxidation process accelerates, negatively affecting the antioxidant content and taste profile.   The antioxidants derive their name from their ability  to slow down this progressive decline, but they are eventually exhausted over time. 

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Olive Varietal: Coratina
Region: Puglia
Harvest: Nov. 2014
Milled within 12 hours of Harvest
Extraction Method:
2 phase, Continuous 
Extraction Temp: 23c (73.4*f)
Acidity: 0.2%
Peroxide level: 6.1
Total Phenols: 1191 mg/Kg

Unrefined - Unfiltered - Unblended