5-Treat Friday

* A Chef We Are Swooning Over - Francis Mallmann, an Argentine born master. What 23 loves so much about him is his boldness, untamed nature, and appreciation for traditional techniques.

You do not grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life. It needs a lot of work, it needs a lot of risk. To grow and improve you need to be there at the edge of uncertainty.
  • Favorite Meal - This week got a bit chilly, so we bundled up in our cozies and ate some Red Thai Curry from Bangkok Bay in Solana Beach, CA.

  • What We're Watching - FRESH, homemade pesto without having to use a food processor! We adore Kinfolk's work.

  • Olive Oil Fun Fact - In the last two decades, olive oil consumption has more than doubled in the United States.