Does The Color Really Matter?

The number one decision making driver for uninformed consumers when purchasing olive oil, in actuallity, has little to no merit in determining it's quality. So what is this myth that is decieving and drawing consumers in?

High quality olive oil should have a dark green color.

Here's why this is FALSE:

The purity cannot be determined by simply looking at it's color; EVOO judging panel tasting glasses are blue to avoid being influenced by the color of the oil, which is the easiest characteristic for producers to manipulate. They simply push dark leaves through the mill to produce a deeper green olive oil.

Why do you think the majority of olive oil is packaged into dark glass bottles when glass is the worst way to preserve olive oil as photooxidation causes the oil to become ransid much faster than tin?

Because it drives sales...

Image: 2014 Harvest of 23 Degrees EVOO