Cooking With ZIOBAFFA

Our dear friends Jason Baffa, Piergiorgio Castellani, and Chris Del Moro started a passion project, ZIOBAFFA, and, like 23EVOO, maintains quality, practices organic farming methods, and takes pride in authenticity. We are grateful to have them in our lives as they each share their special spirit with us. We love ZIOBAFFA wine and they love 23EVOO--its a match made in heaven when cooking dinner. 

Fun Fact: "zio" in Italian means uncle. "ziobaffa" then translates to Uncle Baffa. 

"Fresh organic tomatoes and basil from the garden, sauted in imported 23 Degrees EVOO with garlic and salt, paired with angel hair pasta, and topped with fresh parmesan cheese. Simple clean ingredients that give so much flavor. It is this ethos that inspired us to make ZIOBAFFA organic Italian wine because we care about with we eat. "